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Take Back The Crown

A Natural Hair Documentary

Welcome to "Take Back The Crown" In this we explore the natural hair industry told through the eyes of the clients, stylists, business entrepreneurs and social media influencers who dominate the space. We look at the struggles, emotional impact and business opportunities that have generated a new renaissance of " Hair Empowerment", we also take A deep dive into the analytics and reasons behind this surge in popularity of natural and textured hair styles and the Impact on the hair/beauty industry We will document the new awakening and pride in the natural hair culture that's blossoming and taking over the hair space. We examine the challenge and triumphs of the " Naturalistas" and the impact of a new class of entrepreneurs and influencers and the economic impact among the big players in hair care. We will listen to what it means to rock the natural style and the empowerment and challenges that accompany those styles choices. From the streets, to the corporate boardrooms, the kitchen beautician to the high end salons, from the youtubers to the new product manufacturers ,we take a revealing look at the new " Natural Hair World " as we " Take Back The Crown"

*This video contains footage from and Texture On The Runway 2016....used by permission.

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